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Lectio Divina by pilgrimramblings
September 9, 2006, 3:59 am
Filed under: Ecclesia

We are starting Lectio Divina at Purple Glaze this Sunday night @ 7pm. We will have translations of the text available on paper and in book form, but if you would still like to bring your own bible, please bring either the Message or the NIV.

 Also, look forward to new posts from myself (Daniel), and hopefully other contributors as well. If you would like to become a contributor to this blog, email me at dlsharples@gmail.com


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I have deeply enjoyed and benefitted from the discipline of Lectio Divina. I’ve been offering a shortened version at the opening of some Church meetings at a small gathering in San Diego. It has been well received and I thought to create a blog as a way to encourage people to practice this reading/meditation daily.

The purpose of the blog is really only to suggest passages daily and provide a place for sharing their experiences in a spirit of edification. You’re all welcome to join us, and I would really appreciate any suggestions you might make about the functionality of the blog I’ve created. I want it to be as intuitive as possible.

check it out at lectiodivina.blogspot.com


Comment by Michael Norton

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